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The Dragonslayers Series

The Dragonslayers, Vol. 1: The Righteous and the Lawless

A clerical error. A loss. An opportunity. A hope. A pursuit… When Scott Philipson loses his parents to a no-knock drug raid on the wrong house, he turns in desperation to selling marijuana to make ends meet. He gets plenty of help from his girlfriend Carley, but can he evade the grasp of Officer William Cavanaugh? The stakes rise when a doctor approaches him with an offer he shouldn’t refuse…

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The Dragonslayers, Vol. 2: The Hand of Justice

Fear. Friendship. Fortitude. What will find Scott? Scott Philipson fought the law, and the law fought back. Now he’s on the run – but with the police closing in, will those he left behind be able to find a cure for Colonel Reynolds before time runs out? Or will fear and government win out over freedom and individuality?

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