New Gadsden Flag just dropped, this one with a car in place of the rattlesnake: Government Eyes Letting Cars, Not You, Decide if You Can Drive

Should your car decide whether you’re able to drive?

That’s not some hypothetical question. In the 2,700-plus pages of the 2021 infrastructure law—a clever misnomer for a trillion-dollar package which added leftist priorities to building bridges—a provision placed a surprising requirement on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The agency was tasked with developing a standard that “requires passenger motor vehicles, manufactured after the effective date of that standard, to be equipped with advanced drunk- and impaired-driving prevention technology,” according to the agency’s website. The traffic safety agency was supposed to either have the rule set within three years (Hi, 2024!) after the bill’s passage or provide an explanation as to why such a standard hadn’t been created.

So, in late December, the agency moved forward, publishing a proposed rule in the Federal Register. Polly Trottenberg, deputy secretary of the Transportation Department, called it a “first step toward a new safety standard requiring alcohol-impaired-driving prevention technology in new passenger vehicles.”

But even if you can’t drive your car, at least you can still live in it:

The younger generation (millennials), having long abandoned the dream of homeownership, turned to tiny houses and camper vans as alternatives after the Great Recession. Yet, these options, for the newest generation (Gen-Zers) coming to age – are also becoming expensive.

One Gen-Zer, living out of his car, showering at a network of Planet Fitness gyms, cooking meals in parking lots, and working random gig jobs from town to town, reveals an emerging trend of the systematic implosion of America’s youth.

Cars represent freedom – namely, the ability to spontaneously go somewhere without waiting or otherwise relying on someone else. That’s why the modern socialists hate them.

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