More on the Church of Osteen shooter: Texas neighbors said they tried to sound the alarm about Houston church shooter for months.

Late Monday afternoon, the women held a news conference in the driveway of a home to describe what they said they have been enduring and to criticize what they said was officials’ failure to respond to their reports about Moreno.

“No one should have died. No one should have been hurt. This should have been handled years ago, and here we are again,” said Jill, the president of the neighborhood association, who would not give her last name for fear of retaliation.

Cops are not there to protect you, they’re there to fill out paperwork and supervise mess cleanup. If they get there while the mess is being made, the Supreme Court has ruled they have no duty to protect you. Lower courts have extended the principle to other situations as well.

Besides, you are the first responder, not them. If your first response to a mass shooting is to run and hide, not return fire, that’s on you.

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