Shot: Fed’s Goolsbee: Don’t get amped up over a single hot inflation print
Since Goolsbee isn’t an Austrian schooler, it should come as no surprise that he doesn’t understand the relation between interest rates and inflation in a fiat-based system such as ours.
Chaser: Heineken Warns Sticky Inflation Will Hit Beer Demand This Year
Though I don’t consider Heineken worth drinking, so their inflation problems are not my concern.
Hangover: First look: White House cuts gag rule on economic data to 30 minutes Money quote (pun not intended):

Flashback: Since the Nixon era, officials have waited an hour before weighing in on the data. Back then there were fears the public would not be able to distinguish between apolitical descriptions of economic data and the White House’s partisan interpretations.

The press certainly can’t, at any rate.
Hair of the Dog: Why Biden Should Talk Up Economic Success
This last article is an example of begging the question: such talking-up presumes the existence of economic success to begin with.

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